Origin of Ohchi Nursery
Ohchi Nursery Ltd is the largest company in Japan that manufactures Preserved flower and Dried flower products since its inception in 1960. The company was founded by Mr. Masaichi Ochi, in a town surrounded by mountains called by Tamba in Hyogo prefecture. Mr. Masaichi Ohchi proposed to use flower materials for Flower Arrangements and Display etc after he was struck by the beauty of a fern he found growing in the shadows near his house. The proposal was accepted by many people, and more products were born. Materials for making products gathered from all over the world find their way to our factory in Japan, to be given a new life with our processing technology.


Color your days and hearts with flowers
We like to imagine our customers' story, which begins with the delivery of our products. What do our customers expect from us? What kind of flowers do they want to decorate their room with, in preparation for a party with close friends? We always imagine the story that begins with blowing the beauty of nature into our customers' lives. To witness such surprise and pleasure from people we will continue to strive to give excellent value to our customers.


- Autumn & Winter - Vo.198
- Whole Season - Vo.197
The catalogue is issued twice a year.
One is for autumn and winter, other one is a whole season.
*These catalogues are written in Japanese.